Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March update

Hello for anyone that reads this blog....Please comment let me know your here
My posts have been far and few in between but life is happening and gets in the way.

I am still working on my midwife blanket as well I have started a new shell blanket for my dad that I was hoping to have completed for my dads birthday. But as I am a slow crocheter and some nights I have trouble picking reading over crocheting. 

I absolutely love to read paranormal romances and I get hooked in a series and cannot put it down.

I have bought a few more items to help out in my crocheting. Bags from 31 gifts and totally love them. Have to say that they are a little pricey but very sturdy and made well.

Everyone needs a yarn bowl - I have a yarn bin. When sitting upstairs I need somewhere that my yarn can roll around in. I do not pull from the middle as I end up in a mess.